2015 PWA Men's Freestyle World Champion

Dieter Van der Eyken

2015 PWA Women's Freestyle World Champion

Sarah-Quita Offringa

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Hyères, Almanarre, France

By air: Airport Toulon / Hyères Tel: Fax: Links through Paris Orly and the principal French and European cities: Company Air France (0.820.820.820) Links through Brest: company Aéris ( Links through London: company Buzz (

By road: The Pradet: to Hyères: RD 559 From Nice: A57 direction Toulon, leaving The Guard In Marseilles origin: A57 direction Hyères, then RD 559 Carqueiranne: In origin of Toulon or Nice to take direction Hyères then RD 559 Hyères: In Paris origin: Expressway A7 then A8 direction Aix in Provence, Toulon then A570 Hyères In origin of Nice: Expressway A8 " The Provençal one ", direction Hyères The Londe: In origin of Toulon or Nice to take direction Hyères then RN 98 Pierrefeu: In origin of Toulon: A57 taken out 10 Cuers north then RD 14 In origin of Hyères: RD 12 In origin of Brignoles: RD 43 to Cuers and D14

By Train: Park TGV Toulon (TGV Paris - Toulon 3h50), parks SNCF Hyères (TGV in season) Tel: Regular services between the train Station of Toulon, Hyères, Carqueiranne, The Londe, The Pradet and Pierrefeu.