2015 PWA Men's Freestyle World Champion

Dieter Van der Eyken

2015 PWA Women's Freestyle World Champion

Sarah-Quita Offringa

PWA Event ::: Detailed Information

2012 Tenerife

Jul 12 - Jul 18 2012 ::: World Cup

Event Location Info

El Medano, Tenerife, Canary Islands

El Medano and El Cabezo Bay and beach is a well known windsurfing hotspot amongst the windsurfing scene - it's a World Cup Windsurfing beach this one. This bohemian resort - if you could call it a resort - it feels more like a bustling Spanish village than a resort. It's not an exaggeration to say that El Medano really represents where it's at as far as windsurfing (and some kite surfing is concerned). The spot is particularly favoured by intermediate and advanced windsurfers - and advanced kite surfers who can deal with dodging the many windsurfers and the rocks positioned at the end of the bays.

What's more, El Medano has two winsurfing sailing areas either side of it's character harbour, promenade and jetty. It's also situated just 5 minutes from Tenerife South Airport, has one of the best markets on Tenerife (weekly on Saturday mornings) and a delightful selection of surf shops, chic clothes shops and trendy bars and restaurants. (fresh fish on the Costa Silencio coastal stretch is also another highlight - most of the locations on this coastline started life as Tenerife fishing villages.

The most experienced windsurfers head out to the North Bay area of El Medano. You'll find more intermediates on it's south bay area. It's not just the superb windsurfing conditions you have here, there's also a bit of a windsurfing scene which has evolved over the years making for some great evening gatherings in the town centre and a live music and bar scene to beat all! A fair bit of funding has poured into locations like El Medano on Tenerife in recent years and it shows. Checkout the pretty timber boardwalk here, various bits of public art.

El Medano is up there is Sotavento and other windsurfing and kitesurfing hotspots on Fuerteventura. There are two main windsurfing equpment hrie outlets here, including the Fanatic Fun Factory on North Bay, and another on Playa Sur. Take a look at some of the windsurfing and surfing weblinks to the right for more details.

See this website at http://www.tenerife-elmedano.com/ , where you can find additional information.