2015 PWA Men's Slalom World Champion

Antoine Albeau

2015 PWA Women's Slalom World Champion

Delphine Cousin

PWA Event ::: Detailed Information

2013 DAM7 PWA World Cup, Netherlands

Sep 08 - Sep 14 2013 ::: World Cup
Location: Netherlands

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Organizer website: http://www.dam7.nl/en/about-dam7/sail-surf-centre-brouwersdam/

Zeil & Surf Centrum Brouwersdam (ZSB) (Sail & Surf Centre Brouwersdam) is the official host of the Dutch  PWA tour and of DAM7 festival 2013, and are proud of it! The centre is often the hub of big sporting events, such as the WK Pro Kids and The Mission XL. Annually, hundreds of participants and thousands of visitors come here.

Thirty years of ZSB
In 2013, the centre will have existed for thirty years and it has seen many water sport talents grow into international greatness. They have always worked hard and are determined to make this event a sporting and musical success. For more information about Zeil & Surf Centrum Brouwersdam, click here.