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Ricardo Campello (JP, Neil Pryde) has clinched his second freestyle victory here this afternoon in as the winds returned with a vengeance here in Pozo...


The tension mounts here in Gran Canaria as the second men’s freestyle Dingle elimination progressed towards its final stages today. With lighter gusty...


Ricardo Campello (JP, Neil Pryde) of Brazil has won the opening round of men’s freestyle after a day full of drama and surprises here at the PWA, Gran...


We are down to the last six men in the men’s wave double elimination here at the PWA 2003, Gran Canaria, Grand Slam. Conditions were epic this morning...


Norwegian wild flyer Vidar Jensen (North) has taken first blood in the men’s single elimination here at the PWA, Gran Canaria, Grand Slam. In nuclear...


The wind is howling here in Gran Canaria on the eve of the first day of official action of the PWA, 2003 Grand Slam. A high-pressure system has...


The 2003 PWA Hall of Fame inductees have been decided. Like last years Hall of Fame nominees, this years inductees are pioneers of the sport. All...


The PWA world tour is all set to hit the windswept shores of Pozo, Izquierdo for one of the biggest and most spectacular events of the season....


Q: How did you feel about winning the Costa Brava freestyle qualifier?

RDW: It was great to win this event. This was my first competition this year...


Taty Frans (Gaastra/AHD) has been crowned King Of the Cape here at the Cape Cod, PWA freestyle qualifier. Light offshore winds here today prevented...



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