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The first Official competition day of The 2003 Classic Toro Andaluz, PWA Freestyle Qualifier has brought burning blue skies and light winds to...


Karen's love of action sports started at the age of 3, when she first tried skiing. Throughout her junior years, she continually developed her...


Q: How is your recovery from the ankle injury progressing?


JP: Well on the way to total recovery. Hoping by Vargas I should be 100 %.


Q: What...


2002 was a great year for the PWA; we have 3 new World Champions and have had some fantastic contests. It was our second full year of independence and...


Q: How hard is it trying to be an all rounder and compete in all three disciplines?


AA: it takes a long time to train for one thing! When I am in...


The Neil Pryde/Starboard Women’s International Formula Windsurfing Camp


Following last years success, we are happy to invite all women who whish to...


Q: You have just moved over to did that all happen?


LS: Well I have always heard great news about the company and things have just...


Q: Where is home for you right now?


SI: Apart from lots of time on the road, I'm spending more time in Canada now in the summers. Most of the...


Sailboards Maui, is the historical name of the first windsurfing shop in Maui and the initiator of the windsurfing custom boards and wave sailing...


The oldest windsurf freestyle competition of the world. This PWA Freestyle qualifier will be held on one of the windiest beaches on earth; in a town...



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PWA Prints to Order