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Q: You have just moved over to did that all happen?


LS: Well I have always heard great news about the company and things have just...


Q: Where is home for you right now?


SI: Apart from lots of time on the road, I'm spending more time in Canada now in the summers. Most of the...


Sailboards Maui, is the historical name of the first windsurfing shop in Maui and the initiator of the windsurfing custom boards and wave sailing...


The oldest windsurf freestyle competition of the world. This PWA Freestyle qualifier will be held on one of the windiest beaches on earth; in a town...


Let’s face it, not everyone can find perfect windsurfing conditions. Going even further, perfect conditions are different for each and every one of...


Q: Congratulations on being a father...How has life changed since the new arrival to the family?


BD: Obviously I have been spending a lot more time...


Kevin Pritchard the current PWA wave champion and Formula worlds Champion has ended his seven-year relationship with BIC and signed a new sponsorship...


The 2003 PWA world tour calendar opens up with a €25,000 freestyle qualifier on the south coast of France. The Mondial du Vent is a huge...


Q: What have you been up to over the winter months?


VJ: Got back to Gran Canaria from Bonaire on the 20th of December. Had a nice Christmas at...


Q: Now the news has had time to sink in how does it feel to be a PWA overall champion?


MP: It is the best feeling! I have always dreamed of being...



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