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Day 5 - The finest freestyle fleet in the world were totally becalmed on day five at Austria’s Neusiedler See.


Day 4 - The event crew made every effort to get competition underway, but the frustratingly light winds forced the competitors to remain on standby...


Day 3 - Light winds plagued Podersdorf for the third day in a row, but this didn’t stop the world’s finest freestylers from busting out their best...


Day 1 - The atmosphere around Lake Neusiedl heated up as the PWA’s hottest freestylers rocked up and tuned in. However, after waiting patiently all...


Event Preview - Gear up for some explosive action as the PWA’s finest freestylers pile in to Podersdorf for the opening event of the 2010 windsurfing...


Event Summary - Westerland beach provided a perfect week of wind and waves to conclude the 2009 World Tour in an epic showdown of freestyle, wave, and...


Day 9 - Storm force winds and relentless seas restrict competition on the final day of the 2009 World Tour giving Marcilio Browne the opportunity to...


Day 8 - Alex Mussolini and Iballa Ruano Moreno tame mast high growlers to claim victory in the North Sea. Meanwhile, Josh Angulo and Daida Ruano...


Day 7 - Unpredictable winds and heavy rainstorms plagued Westerland’s iconic beach on the seventh day of competition, causing havoc for the start of...


Day 6 - Alex Mussolini tears a pathway to the front of the fleet on day six with an awesome display of skill in a super sized Sylt spectacular.



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