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Nothing beats the feeling of riding a wave exactly in the way that you want


Q: What did you get up to last winter?


SM: Last winter (Summer for me being an antipodean) was spent cruising around the west Australian coastline.


Q: Words to live by? SC: A little worm is still smaller than the big green orange


Q: Many are rating you as one of the main contenders for the overall wave title this year...what do you say to that?


PV: I feel confident that I...


Last sailor you would want to draw in a heat:

Depends where it is. But probably Francisco Goya.


Wave World Champion, Daida Moreno talks to John Carter about her championship, her sister and her favorite sailing moves.


A few words with Wave World Champion, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, on his winning season and his plans for 2002


So far four sailors with possibly more joining as we go to press, a dedicated team of sailors who have joined up with a pro sports coach, Scott...


John Carter catches up with Antoine Albeau of France, this year’s winner of the PWA freestyle tour for the following short interview



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