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Q: What do it feel like to make the podium at a PWA event for the first time?


CS: WOW. It was always my dream to be in a final in a final in a PWA...


Q: What have you been doing over the winter season?


KS: I was at home for the Brazilian summer. It was a fun time. I had some good sailing,...


Karen's love of action sports started at the age of 3, when she first tried skiing. Throughout her junior years, she continually developed her...


Q: How is your recovery from the ankle injury progressing?


JP: Well on the way to total recovery. Hoping by Vargas I should be 100 %.


Q: What...


Q: How hard is it trying to be an all rounder and compete in all three disciplines?


AA: it takes a long time to train for one thing! When I am in...


Q: You have just moved over to did that all happen?


LS: Well I have always heard great news about the company and things have just...


Q: Where is home for you right now?


SI: Apart from lots of time on the road, I'm spending more time in Canada now in the summers. Most of the...


Q: Congratulations on being a father...How has life changed since the new arrival to the family?


BD: Obviously I have been spending a lot more time...


Q: What have you been up to over the winter months?


VJ: Got back to Gran Canaria from Bonaire on the 20th of December. Had a nice Christmas at...


Q: How has 2002 been for you so far?


JS: 2002 has been a great year for our tour. The freestyle has had tons of energy and big events added to...



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