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Steve Allen with Board

08/27/2002 - created by John Carter

Interview with Steve Allen

Aussie Race sensation Steve Allen stole the show at the Polish PWA Formula Racing World Cup. After winning six out of the thirteen races in Poland Allen came out on top ahead of American racer Micah Buzianis Poland’s Windsurf hero Wojtek Brzozowski.

Aussie Race sensation Steve Allen stole the show at the Polish PWA Formula Racing World Cup. After winning six out of the thirteen races in Poland Allen came out on top ahead of American racer Micah Buzianis and Poland’s Windsurf hero Wojtek Brzozowski. We talk to Steve about the return of the PWA and his feelings on taking victory.

Q: What was it like to have the PWA back on the scene at the Leba, Polish Formula Racing event?


SA: It was the best thing to happen for racing. It was so great to have the professional organization and crew of the PWA to run this event and it could not have been better. The races were professionally run and the courses interesting and exciting. Hopefully this is a platform we can work from to get PWA racing back on the map!

Q: You must have been pretty pleased with your performance against such a high quality fleet?

SA: It has been one of my dreams to win a PWA Grand Prix and I was so incredibly stoked to win the event especially in front of so many other world class racers.

Q: What do you think gave you the edge over the likes of Micah and Wojtek?

SA: Well I was down on the first day after making several mistakes. A lot of it was a mental battle; I knew that I could beat these guys as I have been winning against them most of the season on the Euro Cup events. I knew that I just had to get my head together and focus.

Q: Why is windsurfing so popular in Poland?


SA: There are a couple of reasons; firstly they have very good windsurfing clubs set up in all the camping grounds at the beaches. People can hire the equipment and get lessons how to windsurf in perfect learning conditions making it also great for the kids. Windsurfing is just ‘the’ sport to do here in the summer. Finally we have to thank ‘Era’ Poland’s biggest mobile phone company. They promote windsurfing very strongly by running 3 big contests per year, which receive a lot of media attention and publicize windsurfing in lots of different places and to new people.

Q: What gear were you using during the races?

SA: I registered a Fanatic Falcon 100 board, my fin was a 70 cm R13 Deboichet, I used a Liberty carbon mast extension and Rip Curl wetsuit. The first day I was on an 11 m sail 2nd day 12.5 and 3rd and 4th day back on 11 m sail again. I drove a Mercedes ML to get to the beach and finally Benzacne Tonic to give a good complexion for smooth fast aerodynamics. You’ve got to give your sponsors a plug whenever you can!

Q: Do you still sail in waves or are you a dedicated racer now?

SA: Sure I still love to sail in waves, although this year I am just focusing on racing due to a bad ankle injury last year. I don't have a sail sponsor to be able to do both disciplines properly at the moment, so I want to focus on winning racing. Maybe I will compete in waves again next year.

Q: How is married life?


SA: Couldn’t be better! I recently married over here in Poland and now base myself in Warsaw. My wife has been a great support for me at the last competitions.

Q: What are your plans for the rest of the season?

SA: I am competing in Sylt and then in Brazil for the last 2 big contests of the year. After that we are having a short holiday back in Australia and then its back to Poland where I hope to study Polish over the winter.

Q: Words to live by?

SA: Believe in your self, think positive, live for today and have no regrets.

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