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Brawzinho flies high<br>like Santa

Swift hoping for an<br> injury free 2007

Kauli testing his fins

12/22/2006 - created by Brian McDowell

All I want for Christmas is…Part 5

Santa’s just back from the beach after fitting in one last sail before he sets on his big delivery round. Will these last minute requests from the PWA’s finest have got to his helpers in time? Lets hope so! Seasons Greetings to everyone from the PWA team, and our very best wishes for a successful and windy 2007! Aloha!

A windsurfing product or accessory that every windsurfer should ask for as a Christmas present?

Kauli Seadi (BRA-253 Quatro / Naish): ‘ A really good Fin’

Evi Tsape: (GR-62 Fanatic): ‘An MP3 player to carry your favorite tunes with you when you’re travelling’

Yoli De Brendt (V-26 Fanatic / North): ‘A ticket to a top windsurfing location to flee from the cold winter...’

Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne (BRA-105 Naish / Naish): ‘A very nice bikini clad Brazilian girl to be a caddie’

Robby Swift (K-89 JP / NeilPryde): ‘A head cam so that they can follow their friends around and take turns to film each other in order to see where they could improve their technique!’

A Dream Christmas sailing session

Robby: ‘Ho’okipa with a few of my closest friends and my Brother. It would be nice 5.0 weather and a little over mast high’

Yoli: ‘I love to have a nice Christmas sail at my home spot El Yaque just with the guys... Golito, Cheo, Ricardo...’

Evi: ‘I would like a spot in Peloponnisos, Greece, to work. It doesn’t happen very often, but at least more often than the wind blows starboard tack in Pozo during the summer.... The spot is really magic, beautiful landscape, side to side-offshore wind from the left and logo to mast high waves. Nicely powered on 4.0-4.2 m. sail, together with my best friends, sailing all day long…’

Kauli: ‘At home with my friends, 4.7 and logo high!’
Brawzinho: ‘Namotu, 4.7, mast high with my dad and brother!!’

A new trick or manoeuvre you’d like to complete for Christmas

Brawzinho: ‘Double forward 1 handed!!’

Evi: ‘ Clean pushloops’

Robby: ‘Air takas back onto the wave!’

Yoli: ‘Flaka Diablo’

Kauli: ‘Proper Wave 360’s’

A Christmas wish

Brawzinho: ‘To keep healthy, and able to enjoy life for a long time’

Yoli: ‘For everybody to treat everybody else kindly and for all to enjoy their lives’

Evi: ‘I pray for health above all, and lots of sailing for 2007’

Kauli: ‘Waves for the summer…Aaaaah!’

Robby: ‘Bones and ligaments that do not break, no matter what you decide to do to them!’

© PWA / Brian McDowell

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