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Tine rigs on deck

The good ship Fortuna Dalmata

Scenic Adriatic harbour

Tom Shakas<br>All pics courtesy ©

01/10/2008 - created by Brian McDowell


Tine Slabe and Co. get away from it all with a refreshing off-season boat trip...

27-yr old Slovenian Pro Tine Slabe (F2 / Naish) is one of the biggest personalities, biggest riders and biggest talents on the PWA Freestyle Tour. He dropped us a line to tell us about his latest trip along the stunning Adriatic coast.

'Somebody once told me that "People that dream live happier lives” and now I have to say I agree with him.

After a long and tiring season what could be better than recharging the batteries with a relaxed week on a luxury boat with amazing food and windsurfing for the soul?

Aaahhh. No competition. No pressure. Just some great company to help find me some new spots.

Also, after the past four years crossing the globe, I’ve never had the chance to slow down and hunt for fresh spots closer to home in Slovenia.

So, along with several friends, including my PWA buddies Tom Hartmann (Naish / Naish), Regis Bouron, Florian Jung, 2 crewmembers, 2 cooks, 2 cameramen and a photographer, we all assembled in the ancient Mediterranean city of Split, Croatia.

Here, the twin-masted deluxe sailing boat Fortuna Dalmata was waiting to host us for a week.

First stop - the splendid sunny island of Brač for lunch before the forecast showed promise fro wind the next morning on the north of Korčula Island.

Up at 5:30 am with the captain it was already windy so I rigged my Force 5.7. The sun was just coming out when I jumped into the crystal clear sea. Alone with nature I realized I was probably the first windsurfer to ever sail here.

Soon afterwards everyone joined in for an insane early morning freestyle session, and after a sumptuous breakfast we set sail for the island of Vis to wait for some south wind to arrive.

Vis that has some outstanding views and beautiful Mediterranean villages where we tested the island wines and Grappa.

That evening we anchored up and watched a magical sunset, and in the morning the wind showed but the waves were just a bit too small for the reef we’d spotted on the charts.

There was more cruising around the small islands in search for some more breaks and the comfortable conditions on the boat helped us fully cope with the colder conditions with individual hot showers in each cabin meaning a swift warm up still in your wetsuit was possible while the gear dried on deck.

The final day’s forecast for Vis was great, and we protected the boat in front of a WWII submarine bunker built by Tito’s army. Unfortunately the forecast never fully materialized for the pint break leaving us a fairly average day.

A swift week had passed and we skirted the Pakleni islands en route back to Split.

Obviously there was an amazing closing party to celebrate the fantastic atmosphere aboard once we returned.

All dreams are surely possible, and now I'm frothing to compete again after a totally revitalizing break away. See you on tour!'

You can catch some video footage of the journey here and at YouTube

Edited by PWA / Brian McDowell

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