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08/29/2008 - created by Andrew Buchanan

Morocco Sessions

Monster airs and smooth riding; Morocco’s Boujmaa Guilloul shows how it’s done on his home break in Moulay.

Boujmaa: “Because the wave tour had a long pause, I decided to spend my time, around Morocco and especially in Moulay, my favorite spot in the world. We had wind every single day, nonstop, with at least head high waves. I have been sailing down wind from Moulay all the way to Essaouira,(it’s about a 15km drive on the beach) but I love doing it every summer with my friends. The whole coastline is full of nice waves, a bit side-onshore but really good fun!

I have also been practicing my push forward quite a lot. It's really hard to find the best way to do it, usually I did it as a normal push into forward, but this year I discovered that its much easier to do it push table into forward. I think anyone is able to try it because there is really not a big fear factor at all (check out the video). I have also been trying to refine my doubles, but I bet that just like everybody who starts his doubles, it's dam scary and I let go many times even though I know I have done it many times before! I also was working on tuning my '09 Gators. I have been using 4.0 all the time, from 17knots up to 40 knots. It's crazy how you can rig it differently and it feels so different each time, and it really feels so easy and so comfortable!”

Check out the video action, here.

Boujmaa is sponsored by Starboard boards and Severne sails.

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