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08/28/2008 - created by Andrew Buchanan

STACKED, Now Ready For Your Viewing Pleasure…

The PWA talk exclusively to Andre Paskowski about the release of his latest online movie masterpiece, STACKED.

PWA: You’ve just released your latest online movie project, Stacked. How much time and effort went into this production?

Andre: Quite a bit! This project took time to prepare as we had 2 Spots, 3 riders, footage from 4 different camera men, and so on. Then we had 3 weeks of filming (around 2 hours every day). After that we went straight into the editing and promotion of the movie, which took another 3 weeks (2-4 hr every day). In total we had around 100G of footage, which is quite a lot!

PWA: There's some super slick editing in this one, whose creative touch was behind this?

Andre: Yeah, I knew before starting work on STACKED that it would be hard to top 2forTEN, which was really successful (more than 100.000 views). I decided to really concentrate on having decent footage (we have 5 different angles: Land, Water, Helmet, Helicopter and Jet Ski), in addition to really smooth editing. Here we invested more time, and that made some effects possible. I always work together with Sebastian Dörr to make sure we get good editing. We saw some nice kite movies and played a bit around with our own footage. The effects are the result.

PWA: Victor Fernandez has a section in Stacked, was this a one off, or he likely to show up in other video projects of yours?

Andre: No. For sure it is possible that he will work with us again. He’s an amazing rider so definitely the right choice if you want to make a good movie about wavesailing. I would actually love to produce more video with a combination of freestyle and waves, but my timetable rarely takes me to spots with flat water. But for sure, there’s always another time!

PWA: And finally, do you have any projects lined up for the autumn or winter?

Andre: With the movie just released, I’m focusing on getting it out to the windsurfing community. After, that i’ll be training hard for the forthcoming competition in Sylt. So far my season hasn’t gone so well, and I’d like to finish with a good result on my home turf. After that i will for sure work something out. Maybe around the middle of December or the middle of January, about Brazil. But lets see...

You can now watch STACKED by clicking here. To fully appreciate all the hard work, click the high quality option in YouTube.

PWA / Andrew Buchanan

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