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09/24/2008 - created by Andrew Buchanan

Triple Trouble

A hot new trio of motion picture madness.

Here’s your chance to take some time out of your hectic (or not so) life to indulge in the latest windsurf antics the web has to offer.

First up, German freestyler Normen Günzlein (JP, NeilPryde) has just released his latest movie project titled, ‘Always!’. The movie documents the JP/NeilPryde freestyle crew as they travel around Maui, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Normen: “This video is just the start, I’m planning to make a whole bunch of really well put together movies, loaded with action, colour, jokes and in their own unique style. For sure I will start to collect more footage from now on, so that the upcoming movies will be longer. My advice for this video is to watch it a least twice. There’s loads of jokes and things you’ll probably miss if you only watch it once!”

To watch Always!, click here (select Always! from the video list).

Number two on the list comes from fellow German, Klaas Voget (Fanatic, NeilPryde, MFC). Klaas worked with cameraman Barne Peters to produce this short but high-octane gem.

Klaas: “Barne followed me to one of the best spots in the Baltic Sea a couple days ago, and made this small video titled, “Der Ostsee”. Check it out!”

To watch Der Ostsee, click here.

And finally, Pritchard brothers Matt and Kevin have put together a great tip video, sharing their immense wealth of windsurf knowledge to make your life that much easier on the water.

Kevin: “Matt and I think that these tips will help out the general windsurfer, and maybe you guys can go sailing more and have more fun when you are out on the water!!”

To watch the Prichard’s Tip Video, click here.

PWA / Andrew Buchanan

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