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11/28/2008 - created by Andrew Buchanan

Skyeboy Gets Trashed

John Skye rounds up the cream of all his failed moves for the slam section epic that is, TRASHED!

The Movie?: “I’ve been trying to get some footage together to make a short Maui movie, but at the moment I seem to have more crashes than made moves. So, I thought I would put them all together for a bit of a slam section. Hope you like it and you can also see it in high quality by clicking the high quality option in YouTube. Check out my legs at the end of the first move!”

Right now you’re?: “Currently in Maui, testing some new stuff for both Naish and RRD. Some interesting developments for next years gear!”

Other than getting trashed, what decent sessions have you had recently?: “Sprecks has been fun with a 4.7m Naish Boxer and my 74 RRD Wavetwin. A few nice logo high sets every now and then, sailing with Swifty and Nayra. Hookipa was a little bit bigger, again on my 4.7 Boxer and 75 wavetwin. Lots of people out: Naish, KP, Levi plus all the other Maui locals."

After Maui, what’s the next road trip?: "We had sort of planned to get a round the world ticket and go Cape town, West Oz and then back to Maui. However my sister went and got pregnant and is due in the middle of January, so I kind of want to be around then. We’ll see. I hope I’ll get a trip to Cape Town for sure, and then hopefully go to Cape Verde early to practice before the first comp."

Next season what new moves are we going to see you throwing down?: "Backside 360's on both tacks. I can get a few, but for contests you need them really consistent. For the jumps I really want to get the pushloop forward. Philip Koester is doing them easily now at Vargas, so I need to step up."

John Skye is sponsored by RRD and Naish Sails.

To check John getting Trashed, click HERE.

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