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12/04/2008 - created by Andrew Buchanan

The Windsurfing Movie, TWO!

Filming starts on the much anticipated sequel to the windsurfing movie.

After the phenomenal success of what has been dubbed windsurfing’s defining film, there has been great speculation about the possibility of a sequel to The Windsurfing Movie being produced.

However, rumour can be cast aside as word is now officially out. The Windsurfing Movie Two is going ahead. Fronted by the same award winning team from Poor Boyz Productions, the double act of cinematic masterminds, Jonny Decasare and Jace Panebianco have already set to work on TWM2.

Production started recently in Maui, with a forecasted release date being pencilled in for spring 2010. Though the finer details of the project are still to be confirmed, Quatro International have pledged their support towards the movie. No surprises then that windsurfing’s king of style, Levi Siver will again team up with the Poorboyz windsurfing team.

Decasare has also expressed a desire to head back to one of his previous hunting grounds, “we’re going to do the classics, like Cabo Verde, except explore some more, then we’ll probably go somewhere like Chile, or somewhere in the southern hemisphere.”

With TWM being one of the most nominated films in the history of the X-Dance film festival, and subsequently winning the best director and best soundtrack awards, it’s fair to say that the poorboyz crew will have their work cut out to even touch on the success their first outing into the  windsurfing world enjoyed. Either way, it can be assured that the windsurfing community will be counting down the days far, far from TWM2’s release date.

PWA / Andrew Buchanan

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