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01/21/2009 - created by Andrew Buchanan

Brawzinho: Shaping Up For 2009

Fanatic’s high profile new signing visits the shaping guru that is Sebastian Wenzel.

Marcilio Browne, Fanatic’s brand new addition has recently visited the brand’s master craftsman, shaper Sebastian Wenzel, at his workshop in Portugal. The pairs’ encounter gave them time to discuss shapes and most importantly, Brawzinho took delivery of his shiny new 2009 boards.

After their first meeting, here’s what both had to say:

How was your first meeting with Sebastian?

MB: “It was really great, Sebastian and his family received me super good in their home. We had a really nice time. I think it was really important to see him shaping my boards, check out the factory, pick up my new freestyle boards, just see all the numbers and follow up with what’s going on there!”

What do you think about his CAD work?

MB: “It’s a really nice and accurate way to work. With the machine everything goes exactly the way we want, so by each proto we can just change bit by bit, which helps to figure out what is good and what is bad straight away. And also Sebastian being a good windsurfer and surfer really helps, because he understands everything about wave riding pretty well.”

Did you also see his work shop/factory?

MB: “Yes, of course we went there, pretty nice. It was really cool and very interesting for me to watch the machine working.”

Which boards did you fetch there and did you get a chance to try them already?

MB: “I got two Freestyle boards and one single fin Wave board. Too bad it has been raining non-stop, so I didn’t get a chance to try them yet. I am going to Paracuru today, should be a swell there this week. From there I go straight to Jericoacoara for a week. I hope to have a good time with the new toys!”

How was your first meeting with Marcilio?

SW: “It was great for me to meet Marcilio in person. He is a really cool guy and absolutely professional for his age. My three sons (and of course my wife) were quite impressed too! I was super stoked that Brawzinho came straight to see me after being on the team for only a week…he is really keen and motivated! I like that!”

Another valuable member in your R&D team, how will your future cooperation look?

SW: “I believe Marcilio is the perfect addition to our existing R&D team with Victor Fernandez, Klaas Voget, Gollito Estredo and Jonas Ceballos. Now we really have a very complete R&D team where I for sure will profit a lot from, so our boards will get even better! When he came to see me he had some new ideas, which we mixed with what we have been doing already. It is always nice to get new ideas going and to try new things. We have designed some interesting stuff. Can’t wait for him to get the new toys and give me some feedback. As Brazil is pretty close to Portugal, things will be easy in the future and I feel we can build a solid relationship here and make him the boards he needs to win.”

Did you see Marcilio sailing there with his new boards?

SW: “Unfortunately it was raining while he was here and the conditions have been not very good. So instead we had a quite intense surfing session together. But he promised me to deliver his first test reports as soon as he has put his new toys on the water in Brazil. He showed us some footage from him sailing at home…very impressive stuff!
It’s great to have Brawzinho in the Team, and I can really see him in there with the rest of the crew. He is a great addition to the team! This will push Fanatic even further;-)”

Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne is sponsored by Fanatic and North Sails.

PWA / Andrew Buchanan

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