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gc02 Ricardo Campello

08/08/2002 - created by John Carter

Interview with Ricardo Campello

After amazing results in Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura the seventeen-year-old Venezuelan is currently ranked number one on the PWA freestyle tour.

After amazing results in Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura the seventeen-year-old Venezuelan is currently ranked number one on the PWA freestyle tour.

Q: Congratulations on your performance in the Canaries...How are you feeling?


RC: As you can imagine I am feeling really happy with both my results in Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura.

Q: What did you do to celebrate the victory in Fuerte?

RC: I normally do not drink. I have always said that when I win my first PWA event I will celebrate and have a few drinks! Everyone at the party was giving me some drinks and it was really fun, just like when Kauli won last year.

Q: How much practice did you put in before the events?

RC: I trained all year with friends because I wanted to do well this year. I spent a lot of time in Maui and in my home spot Margarita, which is the best freestyle spot in the world!

Q: Did you get nervous at all?

RC: Nope not at all. I never felt so cool and relaxed as I did in the contests. I think that this helped me a lot. During the hits I just sailed like I do when I am free sailing.

Q: You just need a good result in Canada and then you are World does that feel?


RC: Well I need to do well over there and then I could be World Champion and that would be my dream will come true. That has always been my dream but for now on I will stay relaxed and not think about it too much because that can give you bad luck.

Q: What is the toughest move in your routine?

RC: All of them are difficult. I would like to be able to do them all in every heat and that is what I will practice before Canada. The hardest one ever I think is the CHACHOOOO, which I invented…it is an aerial duck jibe into a spock, its sick!

Q: Do you plan your routines or do you just bust out the moves according to the wind and conditions?

RC: When is light wind and I am not planning all the time I just go for the moves I can do. Otherwise I have a pretty good idea what moves I am going to do and when I am going to do them.

Q: Three words that describe yourself?


RC: Happy, young and sober!

Q: Three words that describe your style?

RC: Smooth, aggressive and perfectionist!

Q: Who would you like to thank?

RC: My parents and all my sponsors JP, Neil Pryde and all the other people that support me.

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