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Tricktionary DVD Live

The ultimate coaching for every level.

Windsurfing instruction has never looked so good. Forget turning the worn old pages of archaic magazines for help, thanks to the team at Tricktionary Publishing who have finally announced the release of the long awaited Tricktionary DVD. Following the success of the Tricktionary book, the DVD was an obvious progression in this epic set of instructional material.

In a three-disc combo, feast your eyes on over 400 minutes of mouth wateringly clear imagery that takes you on a step-by-step course through ALL of the sport’s tricks. From beginner to pro, you will immediately see the pull of the DVD that combines super-slow motion graphics with excellent and informative commentary. The quality of the cinematography is so great that any stage of the movie can be paused, and the picture retains it’s full quality on screen – allowing you to check every angle of the trick you are trying to master.

The concept is headed by PWA Freestyle sensation, Michael Roßmeier – AUT 256, who has long held a passion to help people improve their sailing level. Both the book and the DVD combine guidance on basic skills, wave sailing, and freestyle sailing; as well as a vast collection of other tips that are guaranteed to improve your level. Available in six different languages, NTSC and PAL, this movie has no limits, as we can see from the inspiring trailer that is published (HERE).

This fantastic concept will surely be a huge success, and if you are looking for a way to step up your skills to the next level, it seems that you have only one place to look. Check out the Tricktionary website HERE.

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