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01/20/2010 - created by Paul Griffiths

The Italian Job

John Skye will be riding with all RRD gear for 2010.

Yesterday we reported that Slovenian freestyler Andraz Zan (RRD, RRD) had gone all Italian on us, and now it looks like British wave sailor, John Skye (RRD, RRD, MFC) is doing the same.

From now on, Skye will not only be using RRD boards, but also sails, masts, booms, extensions, and even Stand up paddle boards. It will be a pretty exciting time for him as he will also be part of the R&D team developing all the RRD gear. And he will be continuing to compete on the PWA and BWA tours as well as travel and sail as much as possible all around the world!

Skyeboy: "It has been great to be part of the RRD family for the last 18 months using their boards, so when I had the opportunity to 100% join the team I could not refuse. The gear all looks fantastic and to be involved in the development side of it too is a pretty exciting new challenge. After using the gear for the first time, I really like it and now I cant wait to get some more quality time on it."

Roberto Ricci: "With a person like John joining the new department of sails, rig components and SUP, I feel to have found the right professional  person to develop the new generation of products for committed boardriders that choose to perform with outstanding products developed for less talk and more time in the water.

John is a very committed rider that loves to develop new products but over all loves riding with style and passion. Our roads have joined at the proper time to prepare the ground for the next level. Now it's time for action! "

This season, Skyeboy is planning to continue competing on the PWA, and will be hoping to retain his BWA tour Title. And like always, he will be traveling the world and sailing as much as possible. John's first mission is to join RRD boss Roberto Ricci in Cape Town to test the new wave gear.

You can follow John's adventures at

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