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07/16/2010 - created by Paul Griffiths

Pritchards's Portfolio

Kevin discusses life on the other side of the lens.

Not only did Kevin Pritchard (Starboard, Gaastra, Dakine) prove to the world that he was the best all-round windsurfer on the planet when he knocked the living legend, Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Starboard, Severne) off his perch in the year 2000. Now, he's going a step further, increasing his skill set beyond just sailing by producing some impressive still images of windsurfing, as well as filming and editing some excellent videos too.

Pritchard's board sponsor, Starboard recently interviewed him about his new found love of digital imagery. Follow this link HERE to read the full story. Having starred in photo shoots for years, he never really knew the cost of getting good images. However, when he found himself with a $5,000 bill to pay for his company Maui Sails, he decided he could do the same job for free! Needless to say, he strolled off to the camera shop, and never looked back.

The former world champ, is still searching for another world title and continues to battle hard on the PWA world tour. With a little bit of downtime following his next big slalom showdown in Fuerteventura and before everyone heads off to Istanbul, he'll no doubt be back behind his lens, so expect to see some more imagery coming from this multi talented master of all trades in the very near futureā€¦

For more info, and to check out KP's Portfolio go to, but to take a look at his video skills, go no further than our very own homepage and watch all of the excellent clips from Pozo which he produced between his heats!

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