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09/18/2010 - created by Paul Griffiths

Kia Cold Hawaii Denmark

Day 6 - Sky-high perfect doubles are so last season. To win a Klitmoller super session in 40 knots you need to throw a pushloop forward – which is exactly what the recently crowned Klitmoller world cup champion, Kauli Seadi did today!

With another day of nuking winds on the brutal North Sea, and official competition well and truly over, the world’s best windsurfers were once again lured into taking part in an epic super session by a cash prize put forward by Simmer Style Sails, and Riders.DK.

This super session was somewhat different to that of the day before though. After Jonas Ceballos (Mistral, Simmer) raised the bar with a pushloop forward yesterday, all of the sailors wanted a piece of the action, and snuck off for some not very secret sessions before today’s showdown.

As soon as the riders in the first heat hit the water it was all too obvious that the double forward was no longer king. Within thirty seconds of stepping on his board, Britain’s Robby Swift (JP, NeilPryde) hit a perfect ramp and spun round the highest pushloop forward the judges had ever seen. With twelve points in the bag, Swift could’ve spent the rest of his heat watching his peers destroy themselves, but instead he carried on in search of another, only to hit his head and return to the beach requiring medical attention!

Needless to say, Swift qualified for the final, and after a couple of aspirin was ready to battle it through another round. Alongside him in the final was three times world champion, Kauli Seadi (JP, NeilPryde, MFC) who qualified with a pushloop forward of his own. Yesterday’s super session winner, Ricardo Campello (JP, NeilPryde, MFC) who spun round the perfect double, as did Marcillio Browne (Fanatic, North, MFC). And, the final two to go through were Phil Horrocks (JP, Gaastra), and Florian Jung (RRD, Gun) who both landed slightly wet doubles.

After the spectacular stunts seen in the heats, the hoards of spectators both online and on the beach were perched on the edge of their seats and hungry for more. Swift failed to find the perfect ramp to repeat his initial performance, but still managed to spin round a further pushloop forward with a slightly wet landing to see him into third. Seadi raised the bar with a much cleaner push loop forward than Swift’s (although still not as outstanding as Swift’s first one of the day) to claim the top cash prize. And, Campello launched himself into second with another one of his perfect double forwards.

Super Session Results

1st Kauli Seadi (JP, NeilPryde, MFC)

2nd Ricardo Campello (JP, NeilPryde, MFC)

3rd Robby Swift (JP, NeilPryde)

Live Mash Up

The super session was streamed live throughout the afternoon, so you could watch the action wherever you were in the world. If you missed it, you can check it all out by following this link HERE.

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