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01/25/2011 - created by Andrew Buchanan

Pritchard Talks

We catch up with KP to get the low down on his decision to put racing on hold & his plans for the future...

PWA: Kev, you've just announced that you're taking a break from the PWA's slalom tour. How come?

“For me I was looking for a break in competing. I have been doing it for quite some time and was ready for a something different.”

PWA: Do you think you'll return to the race scene or has the harness been hung up for good?

“Oh you never know, I love racing, and I will always do some racing. We will see. I would like to do selected races that I want to do, rather than I have to do. With my new sail sponsor, I don't have race, so if I do some racing it will be ‘cause I want to. If there is an event on Maui, I would like to compete in it.”

PWA: You've said that you're going to compete on the US wave tour, will you also be competing on the PWA's wave tour?

“I would like to, but we will see. I would like to do a couple events that have good wind and waves, like Cabo Verde and Maui if that happens. And if there is something new that comes up, then I would like to do that.”

PWA: We've been seeing more and more of your video and photographic media online, is this likely to be your main focus for the future?

“I have been really enjoying doing the videos and photos and I will definitely continue to do that! It is something that I enjoy doing. I am still focused on windsurfing and that is my main interest and promoting the sport that has supported me so much!”

PWA: Looking back at all your years competing on the PWA, what would you say was your highest and lowest points?

“The highest was winning the overall world title in 2000. That was the dream come true. Winning the waves in 2006 was fun too...It all has been a great time that is for sure. The lowest...not sure if I have had any lows.”

PWA: If you could stare into a crystal ball, what do you reckon you'll be doing in ten years from now?

“I hope doing the same thing!! That would be great!!”

Kevin Pritchard is sponsored by Starboard, Dakine & MFC.

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