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09/06/2011 - created by Ed Sinclair

Four times the fun

Starboards second instalment of Hollywood movie style product videos features the infamous Starboard Quad.

The Quads are the all-out powerful wave designs that generate maximum speed and drive, bringing awesome amounts of control, flow and power to your sailing. Stable and direct in feel, the Quads are most rewarding when driven hard off the rails. With their four-fin grip, they give a very connected-to-the-wave-face sensation yet they still give the ability to lose the tail when extended through the lip for a rotational, whipped move.

The boards range from 69- 92 liters and are available in wood or wood/carbon, and with four fins you can tune the board to the conditions that day or however your riding style suits.

Scott McKercher (Starboard / Severne), Head of Wave R&D:
"In either down-the-line conditions or onshore, the Quads contain speed well through a bottom or top turn whilst also being able to produce incredible speed and drive for the aggressive rider. With speed and power, the rider can aggressively smack the lip, throw tail or project into an air move. Straight line planing feel: a test winner for its planing ability and top-end speed, the Quad is a surprising performer in this category. The fin area from multiple fins provides excellent lift up onto the plane, whilst the centre of effort is close to the board and spread over the entire tail, meaning it's very controllable at high speed in high wind conditions."

The video features the Starboard dream team ripping the waves to pieces, hacking the lip, throwing spray, and launching into monster forward and backloops.

Check out the amazing board in action HERE and check out the specifications HERE.

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