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09/05/2012 - created by Chris Yates

Islas Canarias PWA Awards

It’s the Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For...

Since the launch of the Islas Canarias PWA Windsurfing Excellence Awards, at the start of June this year, we have been sorting through all of the entries we have received thus far. 

The PWA is extremely excited and proud to unveil the first group of entries and nominees, which are now live and available for your viewing pleasure on the PWA website. We have nominees for both the men and women, across a plethora of categories.

Nominations and Entries

Do you have a photo or video of yourself, which deserves to be globally recognized? Or perhaps if you aren’t lucky enough to have an amazing image or video clip to enter yourself, then how about nominating either, one of your favourite sailors or favourite moments of the year. Not only will you help them to achieve the recognition they deserve, but you will also be playing a major role in the creation of an amazing archive that captures the essence of our wonderful sport for years to come. Furthermore the footage and images you have chosen will play a pivotal part in showcasing windsurfing to the rest of the world. To nominate one or more of the outstanding moments of 2012 simply attach a link of your chosen, image or clip, and they will instantly be entered into the respective category.

A Recap of the Categories :

  • Biggest Wave of the Year
  • Jump of the Year,
  • Best Single Wave 
  • Riding Move of the Year
  • Freestyle Move of the year
  • Wipe Out of the Year
  • Racing Move of the Year
  • PWA Sailor of the Year
  • Photographer of the Year
  • Short Film of the Year
  • Outstanding Achievement in Windsurfing Cinematography

To see the men’s nominations click HERE, to see the women’s nominations click HERE

For a full overview of the awards click HERE and HERE.

Be sure to check out our first nominees and share your thoughts and opinions with us, either via the PWA Facebook wall or Twitter @PWAworldtour #PWAIslasCanariasAwards.

And last but not least, keep those entries and nominations rolling in.

Latest News

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