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03/18/2013 - created by Chris Yates


It's the final countdown for the Islas Canarias PWA Excellence Awards

After an action packed year the inaugural edition of the Islas Canarias PWA Excellence Awards has finally come to an end, the prestigious winners of the first awards shall be announced on the 25th of March.

A massive thanks needs to be said to the Islas Canarias themselves, as without them the awards would not have been possible. Not only have they provided the sponsorship, but many of the entries themselves are from windsurfing action captured on the Canaries, which once again reiterates the world class conditions that the Canaries provide to all realms of windsurfing. Whether you are a freerider, freestyler or wave rider the Canaries has something to offer almost everyone, especially when you factor in the fantastic weather, year round. This makes the Canaries not only a perfect getaway for windsurfers, but also for families and friends alike.

Over the duration of the awards we saw a fantastic amount of participation with a vast number of entries for each of the respective categories. The overwhelming volume of entries has made the decision making process all the more difficult, but after much deliberation, and brain ache, the PWA Panel, consisting of; Robby Swift (JP / NeilPryde / Mystic / Maui Ultra Fins), John Skye (RRD / Mystic / MFC), Iballa Ruano Moreno (Starboard / Severne) and Jimmy Diaz (Starboard / North), have managed to narrow down the entries to leave just two finalists in each category. As mentioned earlier, the long awaited winners shall be announced on the 25th of March, so be sure to check back here to see who will be crowned victorious.

Once again thanks to everyone who participated and the Islas Canarias themselves. Make sure you begin preparing yourself for the next edition of the Islas Canarias PWA Excellence Awards, which are guaranteed to be even bigger and better than this years.

Lastly we wish the remaining candidates the best of luck as they head into the final stage of the awards.

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