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04/19/2013 - created by Chris Yates


Gollito pops his Maui cherry

At the end of March we released details surrounding Andre Paskowski’s new project, Below The Surface, at the time we were informed that Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / North) and four other riders would be involved. Now after weeks of waiting, the remaining sailors have been unveiled. 

Joining Victor Fernandez will be the five time PWA Freestyle World Champion Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo, Marcilio Browne (Goya Windsurfing / MFC), Klaas Voget (Fanatic / Simmer / MFC) and Alessio Stillrich (Fanatic / North / AL360).

Here’s what Paskowski has to say:

“We are super happy with the cast. We have Victor and his story. We have two additional  riders we worked with previously but for sure they improved skills. We have new riders on board which will be exciting and with Alessio we have a young Gun with  the highest potential.” 

We have just finished our Maui shooting and we will set up now for the upcoming shooting in several European spots.  

Besides all that, in just one week the PWA Freestyle World Cup in Austria is about to start. One of the top favorites will be five time World Champion Gollito Estredo. Read a short Interview with him below:

Q: Gollito were are you AT the moment?

A: “Right now I am on Maui for training and developing the new NorthSails freestyle sail.”

Q: Is it your First Time On Maui?

A: “Yes it is.”

Q: How did you like it?

A: “It's good. Cool to be here for first time. It's a good experience to be where all the top windsurfers are.”

Q: Could you spend some time sailing in the waves?

A: “Yeah. I got into waves a few times here. It's fun to surf the waves.”

Q: Gollito how did you spend your winter season?

A: “Well, mostly sailing in Adicora. Training a lot on my moves to make them better. I was sailing almost every day. I didn't go anywhere else, just stayed in Venezuela fully focusing on training.”

Q: What was your focus on? Moves, fitness?

A: “I trained a lot in the gym and cycling. But also I trained a lot all the moves to make them better and higher.”

Q: Any New moves?

A: “No. Just focusing on making all of my moves better.”

Q: You take a part in the new movie (Below the Surface) what can we expect from your section?

A: “Expect some crazy moves!”

Q: In a Week the new season starts in Austria? Who will be inside the top five?

A: “It's hard to tell, the level is really high. Especially at the beginning of the season it's really hard to say.”

For further information about Below the Surface see the links below:

Twitter: bts_movie

Contact Info:

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