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07/03/2013 - created by Chris Yates


Koester and Fernandez are all set to go head-to-head

With the PWA Pozo World Cup just under a week away the tension and excitement surrounding the event is beginning to build. With this in mind we managed to catch up with the top two male sailors from last year - Philip Koester (Starboard / NeilPryde / Maui Ultra Fins) and Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / North) - who are ready to resume their battle it out for top honours from the 9th July. Read the interviews below, starting with the reigning PWA world champion - Koester.

PWA: Where did you spend your winter training and how did it go? 

PK: “I spent my winter training in Western Australia, Maui and Gran Canaria. I had a lot of good sessions and perfect conditions to improve my sailing.”

PWA: Earlier in the year you had an ankle injury, is it back to 100%?

PK: “Yes now I’m 100% back from the ankle injury, it was a shame that I could not compete in the Red Bull Storm Chase, but anyway injuries happen but now I’m feeling good again.”

PWA: Have you landed any new moves? 

PK: “Yes I have been landing a few new moves but I really need the right conditions for them, I hope I can show some new moves in the comps this year!”

PWA: Are you feeling confident about the first event of the season?

PK: “Yes I’m feeling very confident with my sailing, I have been training a lot and trying to improve everything. I think the event will be also very well organised, the Moreno sisters [Iballa and Daida (Starboard / Severne)] are really putting time into it! So I’m excited for the event to start.” 

PWA: Thanks Philip and good luck for the upcoming competition.

Victor Fernandez

PWA: Are you approaching this event in anyway different from last year's? 

VF: “I do the same as every year. I always come one month earlier to prepare myself for the event. Sailing on very small gear takes a bit of time to get used to, but I love sailing in Pozo in strong winds. This is my 15th summer in a row coming to Pozo.”

PWA: Do you have any secret new moves?

VF: “I don´t have any secret moves, I just try to improve the ones I know for better. There are already a lot of moves and I need to be able to pull them in different wind conditions so when it comes to the competition I´ll be able to land them. I really need to work on push loop forwards if I want to do well in Pozo this year.”

PWA: Do you prefer Pozo with super strong wind and medium waves or medium wind but bigger waves? 

VF: “If I have to choose I would prefer super strong wind and big waves.”

PWA: How are you feeling before the first event of the season? 

VF: “It´s been a good winter so far and slowly I feel more fit for the first event. I sailed a lot this winter travelling to Chile, Maui, Perú and Almerimar (home) so I´m really motivated to start the season.”

PWA: Thanks Victor and good luck next week.

Make sure you check back later in the week when we’ll have more interviews with some of the top contenders for the opening clash of the season.

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