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12/30/2013 - created by Chris Yates


A new year brings a new Challenge for Dany Bruch

As the exciting transfer window continues through the Christmas period, the latest big transfer involves none other than Dany Bruch (Starboard / Challenger / AL360), who has just revealed he has left the Severne Team and joined the crew at Challenger Sails. Bruch has long been considered one of the smoothest and stylish wavesailors in the world, and there’s no doubt that his expertise will see him Challenging for the top places again next year. The move also marks the start of an exciting time for Bruch as he embarks on developing his very own line of signature sails and masts, so keep your eyes peeled for Challenger’s new offerings over the next few months.

Bruch’s reaction to joining the Challenger Team:

“After 8 years back on tour, I have finally accomplished another one of my goals I had set back in the be part of an amazing team to develop my signature sails and masts. 

When I met Claudio Badiali in Italy last week, I directly knew he was the man I was looking for. With his knowledge of building sails for over 35 years and my water experience, I am pretty sure we will develop some great gear! 

My main goal right now is to carry on in the top of the PWA World Tour! In between the trainings I will be working hard to get the exact feeling I am looking for in the water to improve every day my sailing and make windsurfing sails as easy and smooth they can get for all of us out there! All we want in the end is to have fun in the Water! 

I have tried a few sails so far, but I have to say that the ThreeG, 3 batten sail, is the most exciting one right now! I have been using it with full power winds at my home spot in el Cabezo and maaan!!! It gives me wings!! It's the most stable windsurf sail I have ever used and it has a lot a lot of power just when you request it, thanks to the special Dacron wrinkle next to the mast sleeve and the special "S" shape that Claudio brought into the windsurf industry. I am really excited!!! Can't wait to have the final product in my hands!!

During my days at the Challenger Sails Loft, we already have built a special sail for the final of the Red Bull Storm Chase that will be happening soon for sure too...a special 3.5 m sail that will make the storm chasing a bit more comfortable. More about this one soon...;-)”

“This is a great Challenge for the future! Don't limit your challenges - Challenge your limits!!!”


If you’d like to find out more about Challenger Sails, be sure to check out their website which can be found here.

You can also keep up to date with all of Dany Bruch’s adventures by ‘liking’ his Facebook Fan page here.

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