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01/02/2014 - created by Chris Yates


Julien Mas excels on his exploration of the glorious golden shores of Sao Miguel Do Gostoso

Julien Mas (Patrik / Avanti) is one of the top talents on the PWA Freestyle World Tour scene. His best result up to now came in 2012 during the PWA Podersdorf Surf World Cup, where he finished in an excellent ninth place. 

The Frenchman as spent the last three winters training in the freestyle haven of Jericoacoara. This year, however, Mas mixed things up a bit, still opting for the beautiful waters of Brazil, but this time visiting Sao Miguel Do Gostoso which is also where three-time PWA World Champion  - Kauli Seadi (JP / Hot Sails Maui) - decided to setup his very own windsurfing school, which should speak volumes for the potential of the spot.

Armed with his off-road buggy the world was quite simply Mas’ oyster. On his travels Mas stumbles upon some of the best freestyle conditions possible, with the combination of perfect flat water and ideal stunt ramps at his disposable. And all of this with just him and his few friends for company.

As well as the stunning scenery on offer the on the water action is also fantastic as the twenty-four year old explodes through an extensive repertoire of tricks. All the latest power moves are in his arsenal, such as monster konos, massive shuvit spocks and powerful air bobs. He also combines a couple of stunning combinations such as culo into spock, perfect double grubbys, and perhaps our personal favorite an audacious flaka into bob. (Has anyone else seen this performed before?)

To watch Julien Mas delivering a radical freestyle performance - filmed by Bastien Rama (Fanatic / North) - click here.

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