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07/23/2014 - created by Chris Yates


Dunkerbeck Eyewear to be the title sponsor of the PWA Tenerife World Cup

This year Dunkerbeck Eyewear will take the prestigious position of being the title sponsor of the Dunkerbeck Eyewear Siam Park - el Medano - Tenerife PWA World Cup. Dunkerbeck Eyewear is the legendary Bjorn Dunkerbeck’s (Starboard / Severne / Chris Benz / Dunkerbeck Eyewear) very own sunglasses company. As well as supporting the main PWA Wave event, they will also be supporting the additional event in Siam Park, which features it’s very own wave machine. We caught up with Bjorn to learn more about Dunkerbeck Eyewear and the event in Siam Park itself.

PWA: Firstly, what made you want to start your own sunglasses company?  

BD: “First I was only giving ideas, then I bought out my part and kept on going since May of 2012.” 

PWA: What is it about Dunkerbeck Eyewear sunglasses that make them stand out from anyone else?

BD: “First of all they all float, are all polarised and in the 4 to lines one off 4 colours has photochromic lenses + all have Nano surface so the water peals off faster than any other kind.” 

PWA: Are they especially designed for windsurfing? 

BD: “Windsurfing and any other water sport, sailing, boating, jet ski, kite, SUP or any other sport or just to protect your eyes anywhere!”

PWA: And what makes them perfect for using them on the water? 

BD: “Good fit, great sight!”

PWA: What made you want to sponsor the Siam Park event and what can we expect from the event? 

BD: “I have beep pushing young guns for a few years already and have a surf, bodyboard and SUP centre + my father Eugen and Mother Ulla have run a Windsurf school since 1978.”

“I will open a surf shop and school in Siam Park, Tenerife, this week and have always liked the official wave contest super sessions + with Dany Bruch organising the PWA el Medano World Cup and also the super session in Siam Park 2 years ago we came to an agreement to make a combo… super session first in el Medano after the official wave contest has finished followed by the top 8 plus 3 Wildcards in the Siam Park with each part carrying 50% weighting. Then a few weeks later Dany emailed me to say that one of the main sponsors had dropped out and the event was on the edge - at this point he offered me the chance to become the title sponsor.”

“So if you purchase a pair of Dunkerbeck Eyewear Sunglasses you’ll be helping me to support and sponsor more windsurfers and events in the future!”

If you’d like to know more about DunkerBeck Eyewear then be sure to check out the official website @

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