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12/18/2004 - created by John Carter

Q: Was 2004 a good season for you?


VF: Yes and no. It was really a fantastic year because I’ve been to many places just sailing for fun. The bad thing was that we only had two on-shore wave events so that made it very difficult for everyone to show their level.




<brQ: What was your favourite PWA event?<br>


VF: Pozo Izquierdo was my favourite. We didn’t get the best conditions this summer for wave riding but I get a great time competing in both discipline, Wave and Freestyle.


Q: Where did you get your best result?


VF: Firstly this year in Costa Brava wining the Expression Session. Then in Pozo getting 5th place in wave and wining one of the freestyle single elimination.


Q: Do you get to sail much back at home?


Family and friends. Then I went to Maui for a month for a photo shoot for Quiksilver and to test some custom boards for Fanatic.


Q: Do you get involved in the equipment design and development for Fanatic?


VF: Since 2002 I’ve used the Fanatic production boards but now I’m getting involved in some wave board development.


Q: How tough is it making it to the top in the PWA rankings?


VF: It’s difficult. The first year I thought I was sailing good enough to be on the top but I didn’t have the experience. You have to sail a 10 minutes heat and make what the judges wants to score high. It’s great when you do make it to the top.


Q: Have you got any new moves you are working on?


VF: I’m working a lot on my wave riding style. I’m also trying to make some jumps like ninja table top into forward loop.


Q: Do you prefer port or starboard tack?


VF: Some jumps I prefer port and other starboard tack. For wave riding starboard tack.


Q: What are your plans for the 2005 season?


VF: Yes, I like it but I think we need to get more wave events to make more competitive our tour.


Q: What is your favourite discipline and best conditions?


VF: Wave riding. That’s the discipline I feel better. You always find a different wave to learn something new.


Q: When did you learn to do the double loop?


VF: I learned double last summer in Pozo. I thought many times before a tried it. The first double I tried almost landed so then I started to repete again and again….


Q: Can you do them easily now when the conditions are right?


VF: Yes, I do. I like the adrenaline of this move, is like fast but slow at the same time…


Q: How many boards do you take to a typical PWA event?


VF: I take like 4 or 5 boards. Just depend on the discipline.


Q: Who do you hang out with when on tour?


VF: Mostly of the competition I go with my friends Cheo and Gollito.


Q: What was the most special moment for you last season?


VF: Pozo Izquierdo when I get my first place in a single elimination. That was a very nice moment…


Q: What are your windsurfing ambitions?


VF: Sail in the best places and work step by step to be one day the world champion.




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