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John Skye

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John Skye

03/11/2005 - created by PWA

Undercurrents - I am John Skye I Windsurf.

I am John Skye... I windsurf.




Favorite food: chocolate

Best surf spot? Macanicho, fuerteventura

Contest you can't wait for? The Jeep Hawaii Pro event

Describe your dream girl/guy: Spanish, windsurfer, dark hair, cute

When do you cry? When my board gets destroyed on the rocks!

Closest friends? Everyone on the PWA tour and the guys I learnt to windsurf with at home.

The best holiday? Snowboarding

How many siblings do you have, what are their names? 1-sally


First Kiss? My girlfriend when I was 11. She screamed, so it didn’t go too well!!!

Nickname? Skyeboy

What three words describe you? Happy, chilled and passionate (about sailing).

What ticks you off? No wind when you have just travelled half way around the world!!

Nicest thing anyone has ever done for you? Dave White sponsoring me to do what I love doing!

If you weren't a pro windsurfer what would you want to do? Anything that gave me time for windsurfing.

Biggest lesson learned? Be good to people and people will be good with you!


When do you feel lonely? When I am with lots of people and don’t speak their language.

An embarrassing moment? Cant give too many details but it involves Chris Audsley and bad timing in the bathroom.

If you could be an animal, which one would you be and why? Bird.... Would be sic to fly!!

Favorite music groups? Pretty much everything, depends on the mood.


Fears that hold you back? Big waves still scare me but I try not to let it hold me back..... And snakes!!!

What makes you laugh so hard it hurts? My girlfriend

What is necessary to a healthy soul? Happiness with what you are doing and life in general

What is the best “pick-me-up” remedy? Cant beat sailing. Often just blasting out to sea is enough to pick me back up!

When there is no wind what do you do? Generally be lazy, but also gym, tennis, surfing. I love being lazy, but also get bored quickly! OH and a lot of time on my computer

Hardest thing when you were a kid? Getting to the beach

One thing you can't leave home without? laptop

Craziest battle wound? Nothing to special. Just the normal knees, skins and feet.

Hobbies: Making videos on my computer.

Biggest claim of fame? District Champion Sack race under 8’s



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