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04/12/2005 - created by Phil McGain

Sailor Update April 2005

Two events have taken place so far for 2005. The Schroder’s London Boat Show, where a $75,000 Indoor contest took place in January in London. We have just finished the first wave event for 2005, the JEEP Hawaii Pro, which was a huge success once again in Maui.


Two events have taken place so far for 2005. The Schroder’s London Boat Show, where a $75,000 Indoor contest took place in January in London. We have just finished the first wave event for 2005, the JEEP Hawaii Pro, which was a huge success once again in Maui.

Leucate – Super X changes

Starting in less than two weeks will be the first Super X World Cup of 2005 at the Mondial du Vent at Leucate in the South of France. There have been a few changes to Super X since 2004. The events will have a fleet size of 40 men competing in 10 man heats and prize money is now up to €30,000. We are also expecting to have our first Women’s Super X events later in the year and look forward to seeing the girls battle it out round the course.

Bonaire – Entry form has gone out

Final arrangements are being made for the 2005 King of the Caribbean in Bonaire. The 2004 event was rescheduled from December to May and is expected to be the best yet. As the first Freestyle World Cup of 2005, the event will undoubtedly attract the who’s who of freestyle, eager to strut their stuff to the world after a winter of training and innovation.


Racing – Formula 42 and a push towards slalom

The racing discipline will go through something of an evolution this year following on from last years successful PWA Formula Racing Tour. Racing in 2005 will be run on a Formula 42 basis, with competitors registering 4 production sails (from the PWA Registered Sail list) and 2 boards (from the ISAF Registered Board list). The emphasis will be very much more on slalom oriented courses close to the beach with upwind racing being reserved for only the lightest of conditions when a downwind course is not possible. The change in racing formats is designed to bring a much more media and public friendly format of racing to the PWA Tour, allowing for a greater variety of long distance and downwind courses and action right in front of the crowds.

Fuerteventura - Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond the control of both the PWA and the Organizers, the 2005 Fuerteventura PWA Grand Slam has had to be postponed until 2006. The Gorriones Hotel has been temporarily closed for essential repairs and this has in turn, created a knock on effect on local businesses that coexist with the hotel. The resulting situation has forced the Organizers to reduce their budgets drastically and subsequently to cancel the PWA Grand Slam for 2005


The situation at the Gorriones is short term and the hotel is expected to be reopened in September of this year. Meanwhile the Pro Centre Rene Egli remains open as per usual with all it’s facilities open and accommodation easily found in nearby hotels.


The wind continues to blow in Fuerteventura and the event will be back in 2006, bigger and better than ever. For further information regarding events and activities at Sotavento, check out


Rule Changes

The new 2005 PWA Rule Book will be available to download soon and there will be a brief list of changes announced when it is released. One change that will affect all sailors is the requirement for sail numbers in all disciplines, Wave, Freestyle, Super X and Racing.

Each competitor must mark his/her sails with his/her registered sail number. The number shall be at least 23 centimeters in height for Wave, Freestyle and Super X disciplines and 30cm for Racing on all sails above 8.5 sqm, displayed clearly above the wishbone, and above the area reserved for the event sponsor. The number shall be placed at different heights on both sides with the number on the starboard side being uppermost, except when the sail is of clear material, when the numbers may be placed on the starboard side only. Numbers must be clearly visible, in a solid contrasting color, and identifiable from both sides of the sail.

2005 will also see the first PWA Sail Registration program put into action. Almost all of the major sail manufacturers have now submitted the measurements for their 2005 Production race sail ranges and only PWA registered sails will be allowed at PWA race events.

Lower ranked sailors will be permitted to use older versions of production sails not registered under the new system but all sailors in the top 20 from the 2004 ranking and previous World Champions must use registered sails.

In the meantime, if you have any ideas, comments or questions about the PWA and the PWA World Tour, drop us a line at

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