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Arena Courtesy of PWA/Alex Williams

Iballa & Silvia Courtesy of PWA/Alex Williams

04/14/2006 - created by Richard Page

The 2006 Samsung Mobile Indoor Windsurfing, Ghent, Belgium – Preview

Sailors awe struck by sheer expanse of Indoor arena as the stage is set for a show of epic proportions on stop two of the 2006 PWA World Tour.

Looking along the row of 30 high powered fans, it is difficult not to be impressed by the sheer force lined up and ready to go. Other than the occasional noise of workmen putting the finishing touches to the arena, a strange calm has descended across the pool. The jump ramp stands serenely menacing, motionless above the glassy surface, hinting at the spectacular action imminent over the coming days.

Following on from a day of practice and trials, the assembled fleet of the finest windsurfers on earth will take to the water in front of a packed stadium at the first ever Belgian PWA World Cup. On a massive pool measuring 80 metres by 40 metres, competitors spanning the generations of windsurfing history will put on a show that promises to the most extreme display of windsurfing ever to be seen in the indoor arena.

From young guns such as three times freestyle World Champion, Ricardo Campello (JP, Neil Pryde) and current Wave World Champion Kauli Seadi, (Quatro, Naish), to legends of the sport like Robert Teriitehau and wave guru Josh Angulo, the action is guaranteed to be thick and fast. The women’s contest will be a Moreno short with Iballa Moreno (North, Mistral) attending without her sister, alongside current Slalom World Champion and fastest woman in the world Karin Jaggi (North, F2) and relative newcomer, Silvia Alba appearing in her first Indoor event.

In London, in January, the world saw the first ever indoor double loop from Campello, shortly followed by the second from Yannick Anton only the following day. With bigger and better conditions here in Belgium, the possibilities bear no limitations.

The action in Ghent kicks off live and direct Saturday, at 19.30 and we will be bringing you live updates as the action progresses, so keep your eyes glued to for all the latest news.

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