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Kevin goes to the water - will <br>it be another close call?

Pritchard hanging around

Event leader Buzianis

09/27/2006 - created by PWA / Brian McDowell

The 2006 Colgate PWA World Cup Sylt, Day Five

Micah Buzianis (US-34 JP / NeilPryde) keeps pole position in the Slalom 42 after another windless day denies the fleet the chance to race.

Solid breeze greeted the early arrivals to the beach this morning, but by the time the first scheduled start rolled around, the wind backed-off, ending the early birds hopes of competition. Another day of teasing conditions followed, keeping everyone on their toes, in the heart of the event village watching for any improvements.

Amongst those with one eye on the horizon was Kevin Pritchard (US-3 Starboard / MauiSails), who came to Sylt ranked second, but lies in 10th place for the event so far. He talked us through what goes through the mind of a top Pro forced to hang around and wait for wind.

“It’s a long event to be sitting around doing nothing. Ideally I’d like to mix it up with some racing, but for me it’s just a nice holiday in Germany right now! The more time I spend at the beach the more time I get to help promote my sponsors like MauiSails, so I’ve been signing heaps of copies of my killer Starboard poster – you’d better come on down to Sylt if you want one of them before they run out!

Race one was a pretty weak race in my opinion as the sketchy winds didn’t really suit me. I’d rather have a couple more races. With the results as they are now I’ll drop to third overall for the year, so one more race could see me back in second.

This morning I rigged two sails and really thought it was going to happen, so I was pretty disappointed when the wind vanished. But that’s life I guess!”

Forecasts for day six are positive for Freestyle and Slalom 42 and an early skippers’ meeting has been set to ensure the best chance of competition.

Be sure to check throughout tomorrow and each day for live updates, results, daily summaries and more.

There‘s a German language event site at and video podcasts available at 

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