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Kauli at Sylt

Freestyle on the Naish Session<br>and Quatro 100

Tearing the Westerland<br>shorebreak apart on the Boxer

10/05/2006 - created by © PWA / Brian McDowell

Tips from the Pro’s – Kauli Seadi

Ever wondered how the top pros setup their equipment for high performance? In a series asking elite performers their advice on tuning-up, we start with reigning world wavesailing champion, and top freestyle innovator Kauli Seadi (BRA-253 Quatro/Naish), who’s fanatical about developing and tweaking his gear.

A key part of the Naish Sails team, Kauli now likes to use the Boxer for wavesailing and the Session for freestyle. He described how he likes the softer feel of the Session, (A dedicated wavesail!) for freestyle, after using Boxers in all conditions for both waves and freestyle last season.

Commenting on how he tunes his sails Kauli told us ‘ With the Session I mostly use just outhaul for tuning, and keep just one downhaul setting. With the Boxer I use just one setting of outhaul and downhaul for all conditions, although in the bigger sizes such as 5.4 or 5.8 I like a little less downhaul if the wind is lighter’.

Florianapolis’ finest windsurfer also uses particularly long harness lines, as is the increasing trend amongst pro sailors throughout all disciplines. His are 34 inches, which is quite long for someone his size.

Kauli’s also recently started lowering his boom height significantly, having it down to the top of his shoulders or chest, but raises it a little higher for high winds and jumping conditions such as at Pozo.

Speaking about his boards Seadi said, ‘My Quatro freestyle boards are all personally shaped by Keith Teboul now, and feature more rounded outlines than my previous, straighter designs, which make a big difference in how I can finish moves off- especially combinations’. At 100 litres with thick rails and no typically beveled tail it’s interesting to see that this shape provides no obstacle for Kauli in reverse slides and spins. ‘They also have pronounced V in the nose which helps me track better during sliding tricks, and now that I have concave instead of V in the tail I get better speed and pop’

And footstrap layout? ‘My Freestyle stance is set at 39 inches between the front and back straps, and I have a much wider set up for waves with a 44 inch spread to generate more drive in turns and to keep my weight low during rides, and this spreads to even wider with some of my boards having straps set as much as 47 inches apart. My freestyle stance is narrower than in recent seasons as I’ve found the Session, being less powerful, has allowed me to keep my weight more central and over the board; a key element to successful freestyle tricks’.

What better time than now to go and experiment and make windsurfing better than ever!

Thanks Kauli.

© PWA / Brian McDowell

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