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Or Super Slalom? You decide!

Kauli sporting the latest fashion?

10/27/2006 - created by © PWA / Brian McDowell

Hot or Not? Episode 5

The Hot debates continue to rage on for episode 5. Opinion amongst Pro windsurfers is clearly divided over important topics like Super-X, Slalom, Sailing Switch stance and super short boardies. Read on!

1. Super-X or Slalom 42? Which is better?

Amy Carter ( GBR-85 Tabou / Gaastra) – ‘Slalom all the way’

Xavier Huart (F-33) – ‘Funboarding should be simple: Waves and Slalom, that’s the way it is!!’

Daniel Ellis (GBR-52, Fanatic / Naish) – ‘Slalom… come on what a question!’

Matt Pritchard (US-10 Tabou / Gaastra) – ‘Come on is that even a real question?’

Finian Maynard (KV-11 F2 / NeilPryde) – ‘Slalom 42! It’s more accessible to a wider range of sailors - and faster!’

Robby Swift (K-89, JP/ Neil Pryde) – ‘Super X is way better’

John Skye (K-57, F2 / North) – ‘Super X is way better for me, but I think that’s just because I’m too slow for Slalom!’

Laure Treboux (SUI-4 Naish / Naish) – ‘They’re 2 very different disciplines, and both are important for the sport’

Nik Baker (K-66, Mistral/ North Sails) – ‘Super-X by far. Ask the winner of both’

Antoine Albeau (F-192 Starboard / NeilPryde) - 'Both are good but we should do slalom with some obstacles, for example at the finish line'

Femke van der Valk (NED-19 F2 / Maui Sails) – ‘They’re both way cool’

2. Sailing Switch Stance? Cool in between tricks, or just for tricks?

Laure Treboux – ‘For stylish tricks!’

Xavier Huart – ‘I’m too old for that man....’

Femke van der Valk – ‘just for tricks!’

John Skye – ‘Hmm mixed feelings. It’s great for the youngsters to have something to challenge them, but the tricks don’t look so good to me’

Nik Baker – ‘Just for kids and their tricks’

Josh Angulo (CV-1) – ‘It’s just for the kids’

Dan Ellis – ‘It should be compulsory at all times!’

Matt Pritchard – ‘Lame’

Ricardo Campello (V-111, JP/ Neil Pryde) – ‘Just for tricks’

Robby Swift – ‘I don't like it but I guess it‘s progression’

3. The new trend in ultra-short men’s board shorts? (Seen the Quiksilver ads?)

Laure Treboux – ‘Are you sure it was on Quiksilver ads.... they can’t bring back such a fashion…?’

Robby Swift – ‘Dodgy - not sure you could quite call it a trend yet?’

Finian Maynard – ‘I haven’t seen them yet but if they are from QuikSilver then surely they are ok?’

Anne-Marie Reichman – ‘Men showing a bit of leg? Why not? I also like ‘Australian Football’- outfits!’

Matt Pritchard – ‘No thanks!’

Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2/ North Sails) – ‘Ugly...’

Dan Ellis – ‘No No No!’

Josh Angulo – ‘It’s not new, it’s cyclical... as all fashions come and go’

Scott McKercher (KA-181, Starboard/ Severne) – ‘Surfing legend Tom Carroll was cool when he wore them’

Amy Carter  - ‘Only good if you have a body like Brad Pitt, but I cant really see all the guys on the PWA wandering around in them - although it would make windless events more interesting!’

John Skye – ‘Not for me, but I’m sure Kauli will be loving them’

Xavier Huart - ‘Kauli represents!!!’

© PWA / Brian McDowell

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