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Nayra happy at home

Ross wishing for a big<br> Lanes day

Anne-Marie dreaming <br>of a white sand Christmas

12/12/2006 - created by PWA / Brian McDowell

All I want for Christmas is… Part 2

More pros tell us what they'd like Father Christmas to arrange for the festive season.

1. A windsurfing product or accessory that every windsurfer should ask Santa Claus for:

Ross Williams (GBR-83 Tabou / Gaastra); ‘ A Custom Wave board’

Nayra Alonso (E-4 Fanatic / Severne): ‘The “riggy-riggy”. Well, that’s the name I use for it, but it is actually a ‘Rig-Wing’. It is so easy to rig with it!’

Anne-Marie Reichmann (H-98 Naish / Naish): ‘An iPod waterproof case, so you can go windsurfing with your favorite tunes’

2. A Dream Christmas sailing session: Who with and where? What conditions?

Anne-Marie: ‘A dream Christmas windsurfing session would be with…Scotty McKercher and my west coast ozzy friends, Robin Ackroyd, Bob, my brother from Holland, Erica Voogd from Libya and Dan-the-man. I would love it to be at some secret beach on the southwest coast of Australia…all of us on a magical road trip where we find this new spot and conditions come together perfectly. We sail our hearts out…conditions being port tack winds…20 to 25 knots side-offshore, mast high waves on a fast peeling pointbreak with many bowly sections in the waves, and sections to hit whilst going down the line…5 bottom turns per wave...and then some ice-cold beers - ‘Crownies’ while waiting for a glorious – ‘green flash’ sunset’

Ross: ‘ Lanes, Maui. Mast-high. 4.7 and all the boys’

Nayra: ‘I would love el Faro to work at its best... A classic day of surfing early in the morning, follow by a good windsurfing session. Probably on 4,5 and small-medium board and logo high waves, with my boyfriend and with my friends from home - the ones I learned sailing with, and the ones I miss so much!!!!’

3. New trick or manoeuvre I’d like to complete for Christmas:

Nayra: ‘I asked Santa that I wanted to do Shakas on the wave for Christmas, but he sent me back a letter saying that he was in charge of delivering presents, not making miracles!!’

Ross: ‘ Shaka!’

Anne-Marie: ‘ Big backloops and pushloops!’

4. A Christmas wish:

Ross: ‘ Peace and love to all’

Anne-Marie: ‘ More love and light everywhere’

Nayra: ‘The windiest year in the history of the world! (In terms of windy days - not stronger winds!!!). That is being selfish, I know, but if I said World Peace you’d think I was I prefer to be, as I don’t have direct-line with God, all I can do is pray for more wind’

© PWA / Brian McDowell

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