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Always keeping his<br>eyes on the ball

Leading the pack in Fuerteventura

12/14/2006 - created by PWA / Brian McDowell

The Best Of…Finian Maynard

117kg of raw muscle and determination are the key contributors to Finian Maynard (KV-11 F2 / NeilPryde) being the fastest man on water. 4th overall in Slalom 42 this year and two outright world speed records have made him a Caribbean and worldwide legend. Here’s what one of the biggest characters on tour has to say about the good life.

The Best…

Thing about being a British Virgin islander is:
That the secluded white sand beaches, warm winds and palm trees really are just as good as people think they are!

Thing about being on tour is:
I get to compete against the very best, live the dream and wish for the stars.

Party I went to recently:
Was when I wrapped up the speed world title. I started at 3pm and finished well, late...

Board I’ve ever ridden:
Medium wind F2 speed board from this year. Magic!

Traveling companions:
I like to travel with everyone. I simply like to move; a nomadic mentality suits me best, although the tour veterans are more entertaining in terms of the humor that I like to laugh at.

Looking ladies are in:
South America, but that is just a guess since I haven't been there for years, although recent reports seem to hold this hypothesis.

Day on tour ever:
Was winning my first slalom round in a grand slam in Gran Canaria in 1997 beating Bjorn.

Result I’ve had this year:
Was winning the speed world title. Winning the PWA event in turkey was right behind. It has been a great year so I am happy whatever way I look.

Training outside of windsurfing:
Is basketball. The funnest way to get fit if you can dribble a ball.

Place to party:
Is most likely anywhere that you put your mind to it.

Session I can remember:
Was last February in north-western oz. Great waves, wind and rides that lasted forever.

Destination for a trip:
At the moment that’s western Australia. Highly recommended.

Local spot at home:
Is the bitter end. Great wind and a superb place to race slalom. There is also a secluded cove that I have been with my parents that is beautiful with nobody around.

Windsurf shot I’ve ever seen:
Was Scott Carvill hitting the lip at jaws and going 30-ft into the air. He didn't land it but at the time it was super impressive.

Windsurf film I’ve ever seen:
Was rip by Robby Naish. I say that hands down because it was in another class.

Junior I’ve seen recently:
Would have to be Jaeger Stone from WA. He will be very, very good one day.

Place on tour:
Is Fuerteventura. I love competing there in speed and slalom.

© PWA / Brian McDowell

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