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12/25/2006 - created by Richard Page

PWA Announces historic agreement for new wave event in Cape Verde

The PWA is proud to announce a specialist wavesailing event on the Island of Sal, Cape Verde. The event is set to run from Feb 22nd through to 4th March and will take the form of a roaming contest, shifting locations to take in the best conditions available.

Sal, and its legendary breaks such as Ponta Preta, has grown in stature in recent years as their lure to waveriding purists worldwide grows season upon season. Now with improved flight connections, and this small republic’s high profile resident Josh Angulo (CV-1) acting as both host and ambassador, the hollow, powerful waves of Ponta Preta and nearby breaks will test even the most hardcore PWA athletes.

Cabo Verde’s rich and colorful culture and renowned hospitality will doubtless be a welcome sight to the traveling PWA competitors. The heady mix of Crioulo rhythms and the diverse make up of the islands Portuguese and African descendants will be reflected in the nature of the event and the welcome the competitors and spectators will receive in this hotbed of creativity and development.

PWA Tour manager Rich Page said ‘This will be a landmark event in PWA history. The conditions in Cape Verde provide a near perfect wave riding environment to challenge the finest sailors on the planet. As a specialist contest, featuring the top 32 men in the world, competitors will have a chance to purely express their abilities in a true challenge of man against the elements. We hope that the ground breaking agreement with Cape Verde Investment to host the event, will set the stage for Cape Verde to take its rightful place on the PWA World Tour for years to come’.

You’ll be able to follow all the action at with live updates, results, daily summaries, video and more. More news to follow soon.

For more information contact the PWA office at

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