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Pieter downhauling hard

Race action against Maynard

01/03/2007 - created by Brian McDowell

The Best of…Pieter Bijl

Pieter Bijl (NED-0 Fanatic / NeilPryde) is perhaps best known as a successful Slalom 42 and Formula Windsurfing racer, and finished up 10th overall for 2006. But this fun loving Dutchman has been known to enter the odd wave sailing event, and can bust out some freestyle tricks on his race equipment too! Aged 28, Pieters full on approach has no doubt driven him in his important roles off the race course as Head tester for the NeilPryde Design Center, and as a key R&D figure for his board sponsor Fanatic. Pieter, who’s also played an important role on the PWA management board in previous years, is obsessed with making things better, but here’s what he thinks is best!

The Best…

Thing about being Dutch is:
If you aint Dutch you aint much!! Freedom for all!

Thing about being on tour is:
Going to some good locations knowing there will always be nice people.

Party I went to recently:
My own birthday party!

Board I’ve ever ridden:
Fanatic Allwave 75 2008 proto in Elands bay last week.

Traveling companions:
My future wife Maggie Walker, always fun never hassle.

Looking ladies are in:
In Poland in large amounts.

Day on tour ever:
One of my first days on tour ever, at just 18 years old at the Almanarre world cup event. All the main big boys where there and I was second in one race, when Micah went swimming on the last down-wind leg I was sure I would take him too, that would have been to good, but he got back up quickly and blew me away on the last reach, though I still finished way ahead of Antoine, Robert T and many other big names. It was my dad's birth day and I'd promised him a good result as a present.

Result I’ve had this year:
In one Race in Fuerteventura this year, I was 4th into the first mark, but 2nd coming out of it, with Bjorn hunting me down on the 2nd reach. I blocked him at the gybe and blew him away on the 3rd reach and caught Finian at the 3rd gybe who then had 2 more reaches to keep the lead. But, too bad for him, the Falcon 91 with the Vector 32 and the RS:6 6.7 were to fast for him to catch! That was a good feeling, and the first final I’ve won

Training outside of windsurfing:
Surfing is there are any waves!

Place to party:
On tour, Sylt. Off tour South Africa. 10 sunrises in a row is my record…

Session I can remember:
S-turns Maui, 2001, mast high waves, 6 turns, amazing.

Destination for a trip:
I haven’t done so many so I wouldn't know, but ask me again in 10 years and I hope to have the perfect answer.

Local spot at home:
Hoek (ipa) of Holland, always challenging. But I love Ho’okipa too!

Windsurf shot I’ve ever seen:
It’s yet to be taken.

Windsurf film I’ve ever seen:
Instant replay

Juniors I’ve seen recently:
There’s a little kid in Kanaha, who’s on Starboard boards, and is always there with his dad.  He’s about 9 yrs old and rips! But he always steals my extension when I rig up 
little ....... !

Place on tour:
For me Sylt. I love the place as it reminds me of home.

© PWA / Brian McDowell

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