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Anne-Marie (Centre left), and Junko <br> (Centre Right) and the girls on tour!

Anne-Marie at Ho'okipa

Junko at the Aloha Classic

01/05/2007 - created by Brian McDowell

Head to Head – Nagoshi Vs. Reichmann

Two of the tours top ladies are Junko Nagoshi (J-11 F2 / Simmer) and Anne-Marie Reichmann (H-98 Naish / Naish), ranked 4th and 5th overall in waves respectively in 2006 . Junko also finished in an impressive 6th place in Freestyle, and 4th in Super-X after Anne-Marie focused purely on the waves last season. Maui-based Junko has adapted well in recent seasons to some of the European conditions on tour, whilst Anne-Marie, who’s no stranger to Hawaii, prefers to train more in the powerful waves of Western Australia. What do two such close rivals think of each other then?

What are her strengths?

Anne-Marie: ‘She is very focused, and she has a good competition head. She is also very steady in her sailing and doesn’t make many mistakes’

Junko: ‘Experience. She’s been competing for long time in a lot of different places in waves’

What are her weaknesses?

Anne-Marie: ‘Probably down-the-line port tack conditions - but we haven’t had those conditions on tour so far’

Junko: ‘None really! She is really good!’

How many times have you beaten her or lost to her?

Anne-Marie: ‘I beat her in Maui a year ago, but at the last Maui competition she went to the final and I didn’t. I haven’t really been counting all our heats against each other’

Junko: ‘Oh I don’t remember actually!’

What do you think when you see you’ve drawn her on the ladder?

Anne-Marie: ‘OK...get into your flow and Go!’

Junko: ‘I always think…that sucks!’

Why is she hard to beat?

Anne-Marie: ‘She is very consistent, focused and steady’

Junko: ‘She is super-consistent’

Over time have you had a particularly lucky or unlucky tour stop against her?

Anne-Marie: ‘I think we are very close in our moves. We have different styles. Some judges prefer this; some judges prefer that. Who ever you sail sometimes feels unlucky.

Junko: ‘I have never thought about that before!’

What conditions favour her more than you?

Anne-Marie: ‘Starboard conditions are better for her than port tack. Saying that though...she is getting really solid in Gran Canaria also!

Junko: ‘Definitely port-tack wave riding’

Thanks ladies!

© PWA / Brian McDowell

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