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How You Doin' ?

Diony in Fuerte

01/18/2007 - created by Brian McDowell

The Best Of...Diony Guadagnino!

Venezuela’s Diony Guadagnino (V-69 Mistral / NeilPryde) is one of the original and most established Isla Margarita Freestyle crew. Since originally breaking through as a fresh-faced young gun Diony, 24, is a radical sailor, colourful character, and nowadays an experienced and hugely respected name feared by all, on not only the freestyle scene, but on the wave ladder too. So what does Diony think rules about the ultimate job then?

The Best…

Thing about being Venezuelan is: Enjoying life to the max like if there's no tomorrow, lots of great cultures - lots of beautiful girls!!

Thing about being on tour: Despite long waits with no wind, and not sailing as much as at home, (Sometimes we freeze our asses off!), it’s is great to travel and see the world on our tour.

Party I went to recently: I can't really remember that one!! 

Board I’ve ever ridden: My new Mistral wave!! The other day, side-shore port, down the line, we had super long rides - it was just ripping!

Traveling companions: I used to travel with my sister, Colette, all the time, but now just once in a while with friends.

Looking ladies are in: Venezuela!!!!!!

Day on tour ever: When I won the first event I ever entered! (The Red Bull King of the Lake)

Result I’ve had in 2006: Oh. Not to good this year, especially as I had so many injuries!!

Training outside of windsurfing: I try doing as much stretching as possible, especially when traveling, but most of the time just doing the sports I like the most like wind surfing and surfing, etc!!

Place to party: Kamy Beach!!

Session I can remember: This one epic day at Ho’okipa - late afternoon, a bit over mast high, side-off perfect line ups!! An amazing session! At sunset I was just trying to get upwind to catch my last wave and to get back in, which is quite hard since Ho’okipa has such a small beach area. With the wind almost totally gone I was sinking to my knees, and I saw this big dark grey thing coming from behind me and towards me!! I think it was a tiger shark!! It went straight under my board, I don’t know but I managed to tack super quickly and get onto the plane and ended up all the way downwind at Mama’s Fish House!!

Destination for a trip: Colombia or Venezuela!

Local spot at home: El Yaque of course.

Windsurf shot I’ve ever seen: I just don't know. There are so many!!

Windsurf film I’ve ever seen: Spring Loaded

Juniors I’ve seen recently:  Negrito!!

Place on tour: I bet it’s gonna be Cabo Verde in 2007!

Gracias Diony.

PWA / Brian McDowell

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