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Brawzinho prepares for a dawnie

Sarah-Quita enjoys some Stand up paddling

09/26/2007 - created by Brian McDowell

The 2007 Colgate World Cup Sylt – Day 5

A bonus pulse of swell brightens a sunny day at Sylt. Both hope and pressure build as an early start’s called for a sunrise wavesailing session tomorrow.

Blazing sunshine, clear skies but sadly no wind denied the PWA’s finest competitors the chance to show off to the crowds today.

True to the forecast not even the slalom racers were close to being scrambled into action.

Far from disappointed the spectators settled down on the sandy beach and hospitality areas to enjoy watching some free surfing sessions and a stand-up paddling race won by The Starboard team of former wave sailing champ Scott McKercher (Starboard / Severne), slalom world champ Antoine Albeau (Starboard / NeilPryde) and Aruban freestyle sensation Sarah-Quita Offringa (Starboard / NeilPryde).

Over the afternoon a fresh groundswell started to show on the sandbanks of Westerland’s Brandenburger Strand, and many of the pros grabbed surfboards to limber up for some possible action tomorrow.

The initial forecasts say there could be some cross-offshore wind early in the morning so the wave sailors have been summoned for an early skipper’s meeting to make the most of any surf that rocks up.

Later tomorrow the swell is predicted to back off and the wind swing around to become suitable for slalom racing.

Until then it’s an early night all-round for those hoping to hack into the daybreak waves and to possibly complete the first two rounds and gain an official result by defining a top-16

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