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11/12/2007 - created by Brian McDowell

Opportunity Knocks

Fancy A Job On The Greatest Tour On Earth?

2007’s been a fantastic season for Professional Windsurfing. A whole bunch of exciting new events were blessed with outstanding conditions.

As always, work continues to go on behind the scenes to build on that success for 2008 and beyond.

As such we’re looking for experienced personnel to join the PWA team in various fulltime and part-time roles.

In particular we’re hunting down staff to fill the following vacancies:

PWA Race Management Crew

·Crew work almost entirely on site at events and must be able to travel as required.

·Contenders should have some experience of windsurfing competition at least to national level, knowledge of competition rules, and a sound understanding of at least two out of the three main disciplines (Slalom, Wave and Freestyle).

·Applicants must also be able to speak English to a reasonable level.

Marketing Manager

We’re on the lookout for an exceptional driven individual with the necessary marketing and PR experience to fulfill the growing marketing and PR needs of the association.

·Applicants should have a proven Marketing and PR background, and be able to work independently from their own office environment without constant supervision.

·Candidates should also have some knowledge and experience of windsurfing. The role will include the output and maintenance of marketing materials as well as the creation, maintenance and implementation of Marketing and PR strategies.

·In general the role will be office based, but applicants must be willing to travel as necessary.

·Good communication skills are essential and applicants must be able to speak English and ideally one other major language to a workable level.

Women’s Marketing / Events Manager

Due to the increasingly diverse needs of the PWA Tour, we’re searching for someone to represent the unique interests of the women’s division.

The role will be quite specialised and will involve aspects of PR, Marketing and Event Management, specifically targeting the interests and value of the PWA’s women’s fleets.

If you feel that you or someone you know may have the skills that we’re looking for, and are interested in working with the PWA, then please apply by email to for further information.

© PWA / Brian McDowell


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