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12/06/2007 - created by Brian McDowell

Windfinder News

Find Some Wind. Fast!

PWA weather partner Windfinder has provided live event weather at most PWA tour stops in recent seasons.

Now the smart service has some new features for riders hungry to hunt down the breeze they crave world over, starting with a neat new desktop widget.

The Widget is a small program, which displays wind, waves and weather from your favorite surfspot as observations and forecast on your computer desktop. (Mac OS and Windows XP/Vista available).

The gadget frequently loads the observations and forecasts from and a maximum of 3 weather parameters (e.g. wind speed, wind direction, air temperature), and your preferred units of measure (Beaufort, Knots, kph, mph, Meter, feet, Celsius, Fahrenheit etc.) for the display.

The folks at windfinder have even engineered an iGoogle gadget for the fans and users of personalized Google pages.

Chief wind finder Oliver Konig says the biggest advantage of their service is “The combination of forecasts and real time observations from live weather stations, and that our wind statistics are based on the observations not on forecasts which might be inaccurate, and that you can get that information anytime anywhere. For example you can even register for the SMS wind alarm for alerts on your cell phone any time, any place!”

The news just gets better too with a programme to welcome even more stations onboard.  With locations as diverse as Libya now listed and new readings from the up and coming resorts around East Africa such as Kenya and Zanzibar, the power at your fingertips to find wind has never been stronger.

Oliver is also inviting any windsurfing school, shop, or hotel to install a weather station and webcam at their spot. “If they provide us the data then we’ll give them a free ad banner in return. We can supply weather stations and webcams, plus provide free installation and configuration support”.

Please click the links to read about setting up weather stations and webcams or visit for all the latest news and reports on your favorite spots.

It’s time to hit the water!

© PWA / Brian McDowell



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