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Nik van den Eerenbeemt

Nik van den Eerenbeemt

Sail#: ARU-9
Age: 18
Nationality: Dutch
Residence: Aruba
Debut: 2011
1st PWA event entered Aruba Freestyle & Slalom 2011

I was born and raised on Aruba!
Where there is always wind and where you can always find me
on the water.
I’ve been windsurfing for about 9 years now.
Here are some of my results :
Results 2012
2nd Aruba Hi-winds Juniors Slalom
2nd Aruba Hi-winds Juniors freestyle
Result 2013
1st Junior Slalom Aruba Hi-winds
2nd Junior long-distance Aruba Hi-winds
3rd Junior freestyle Aruba Hi-winds
6th Curacao Challenge (pro tow-in)
4th Curacao Challenge Pro Slalom
3rd Endless Summer Sport Festival U-17
Results 2014
4th slalom Aruba Hi-winds pro-men (with broken hand)
4th IFCA Slalom U-20 World Championships (Roses Spain)
JP, NeilPryde, IFJU fins, Unifiber, Aruba Sunset Beach Studios


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Aug 03 - Aug 09
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