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Felix Martina

Felix Martina

Sail#: CUR-22
Age: 21
Nationality: Dutch
Residence: CuraƧao
Debut: 2011
1st PWA Event entered Aruba 2011 freestyle

My name is Felix Martina (CUR-22), I am 17 years of age and have been windsurfing since 2006.
Windsurfing has changed my life for me and this sport became my life. I am a dedicated windsurfer and
love to be on the water at all times. I have entered competitions such as "Prokids Bonaire", "Aruba Hiwinds" & "Cabarete Classic".
I have also competed in local competitions in Bonaire and on my own island Curacao. The results are followed :

-Prokids Bonaire 2007- 4th place freestyle boys 12/13 years
-Cabarete Classic 2007- 1st place freestyle & 1st place slalom boys 12/13 years
-Aruba Hiwinds 2008- 2nd place freestyle Juniors boys 14-18 years (prince of the huts)
-Curacao Challenge 2009- 1st place slalom Juniors boys 14-18 years
-Curacao Challenge 2010- 2nd place freestyle Juniors boys 14-18 years
-Bonaire Kopa Julia 2010- 2nd place freestyle age 14-18 years
-Aruba Hiwinds 2010- 1st place freestyle Julions boys 14-18 years (The prince of the huts)
-Curacao Local freestyle competition 2011- 1st place 14 years and up

I have competed against sailors as Youp Schmit, Amado Vrieswijk, Paul Zeper, Taty Frans, Choco Frans, Ingmar Schnitzler & Victor Wederfort and have gotten great results such as winner of the competition and 2nd place.
Of all local competitions here on Curacao, I have won every one in the freestyle division. In de local competition of Bonaire in 2010, I came in 2nd place, winning Youp Schmith (NB-12). I am returning to Aruba for the 25th annual Hi Winds 2011 competition to defend my name and title as "Prince of the huts 2010".

I am not fully sponsored yet. Although I have been asked to be the "Youth Power Sailor" for "Hotsails Maui" yesterday!
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